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Ittica San Stino welcomes you with the new Alemar brand

These are the dedicated lines of wholesale and retail fish products

Alemar Srl

Leader in the fishing sector

Specialising in the wholesale and retail trade of fresh and frozen fish products

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Alemar Srl

The best of
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Alemar, a line entirely dedicated to the supply of fish products for catering

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Alemar Srl

Guaranteed quality and freshness

From the fishing boat to your table! Our retail outlets are at your fingertips

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Sardine for sport fishing

For sport fishing enthusiasts, we know how essential it is to have quality bait to ensure the best catches

Sardine for sport fishing

Frozen Sardine in IQF: the ideal bait for Sport Fishing

Introducing our frozen sardine in IQF, perfect to meet your needs. Sardine is universally recognized as one of the most effective baits, especially appreciated by sport fishermen for its ability to attract a wide range of fish. Our individual freezing process (IQF) keeps each individual fish fresh and in perfect condition, ensuring that it retains all its attractive properties.

Benefits of our IQF Frozen Sardine

Premium quality: every sardine is selected
Readiness for use: thanks to IQF freezing, each sardine is ready to be used as bait, without the need to thaw it
Versatility: ideal for various types of sport fishing

Are you a sport fisherman looking for the best bait? Or are you a retailer interested in providing your customers with the best in bait sardines?
Please feel free to contact us!

Sardine for sport fishing

For information and orders of 'sport fishing sardines' please contact:

Michele Fat
Sales Manager

E-mail: michele.fat@alemarsrl.it
Phone: +39 335 6872457

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Today Alemar
is a dynamic and growing company

Specialising in the wholesale and retail
trade of fresh and frozen fish products

Alemar Srl

Ittica San Stino, which has been operating in the fish market since 1999, has established itself as a leading company in the fish sector as Alemar, offering the same quality and care.

Over the years, the company has expanded the range of fresh fish products for its customers. In addition to the market of Chioggia, Trieste, Grado, Caorle, Goro and Marano, where we are present every day, our purchasing area includes all the Italian, European and foreign coasts. The company has also become one of the main fish importers in Croatia, and it enjoys also an exclusive agreement with eighty carefully chosen and trusted fishing boats that fish every day and provide us with rich, vast and top-quality products.
The prices of the products, always of the highest quality, are the result of a careful and accurate assessment of the relationship between the purchase price and the ancillary costs, in addition to constant and meticulous checks, compliance with health regulations and the study of consumer needs, which has allowed us to operate in line with the requirements of an increasingly demanding market and to become one of the major companies in the sector.

Why choose Alemar?

Alemar Srl

Some anecdotes

Alessandro Marcon was born in Jesolo, into a family of fishermen, and as a boy soon joined the fishing activity. Since the time of his grandfather, fishing has always been part of the Marcon family: his grandfather was a fisherman, his father was a fisherman and fishmonger together with his mother, the owner of a fish shop.

The life of the current Manager of Alemar has always revolved around fishing; since he was a boy, he has always been interested in everything concerning fish; from fish varieties to good food. The acquisition of Ittica San Stino took place in 1999, and, from that moment on, the company has made a series of successful steps resulting from a careful mix of entrepreneurial skills and very deep knowledge of the product, until the current Alemar. The tradition continues with his son Nicola Marcon who has joined the company and currently supports his father with the same passion.

Quality control in Alemar is a true form fo respect for fish rather than a mere production phase.